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Online Security – How secure is the Internet for you?

Internet technology specialists are unanimous in their belief that security is the most important concern of people using Internet technologies. Internet novices have been hearing horror stories about identity thefts, Trojan horses rootkits and other malware. Internet novices don’t know much about these terms, but they do know that they can be in trouble if their Internet security software isn’t up to the mark. See usergorilla to get more info.

Even those with an extensive Internet knowledge can still find it difficult knowing what to search for in order to protect themselves. We are all dependent on the Internet to get any advice or use any software. We don’t know who to trust for help, so we have very little information. We continue to go without understanding the cause of these Internet security vulnerabilities.

Internet security, as many users discover, has much to do with the programs installed on the computer and not what they look at on the Web. Apple computers are a rare target for viruses due to their rarity. So you are more likely to get security threats from an Apple than you would from a PC. This applies to all Linux platforms. Hackers tend to create viruses and other worms in order to exploit Windows vulnerabilities. The majority of Windows users also use Windows-based computers. There is an easy way to get rid of most security threats, even if you don’t use a Windows-only program.

Windows is another easy target for hackers due to the standard set ots and helper apps that are included in it. Windows Mail Express and Outlook Express have been pre-configured for automatic file opening. If you have a virus-infected file, you are in serious trouble. This is just one example, but there are many other holes in Windows once it is installed. Windows isn’t designed securely and then added to features. It’s built with lots of features, then bug fixes are added by people who find the gaps. Your computer’s security is at stake unless you get the bug fix releases and have them installed before hackers find any holes.