Make Money Online Fast – Why I Returned To Internet Marketing

When I first got started with Internet marketing back in 2005, I was a little hesitant to do anything online. I had, I was just starting out with a small budget and pretty much couldn’t afford to lose any money. I started many businesses offline before and then I saw that many of them were businesses. These also functioned mostly offline. But the really big promoter, the business owner who used Super Bowl half-time commercial to reach more than 70 million times on a 30-second spot was able to capture 70 million views in 30 seconds while in front of 70 million people.

That just got me thinking. Online business was something in which I thought I had no chance of succeeding at. I was scared of all the hype. But this cheap leap of faith changed everything! I still had no idea how to build an online business, all I knew was I was going to do it.

  1. Don’t Assume

Let me say – don’t think that making money online is extremely easy – It will take some time and effort, but I guarantee you it can be done. But what does it take to start making an income online? Sure, you have to start right. Right now! I never finished any job, so I just knew I wanted to get my income to any level I possibly could, and then I wasn’t so crappy anymore. But I never spent my time looking at all the online stuff I would have been fascinating in.

I bet I’m a bit different from you. I’m sure I have listened to everything I was emailed and I probably had books on various methods of making money from the Internet, and everything was all good. So I left them to face it, it was too much information and boring. I wanted my own plan and would have found it ones easily. And I never heard anyone tell me straight out to jump on the online bandwagon. I was so excited and never ever suspected that I could do this.

  1. Never Give Up

I had no thinking. I have never been in so happier. I never necessarily thought I’d be one of those marketers who made it big. Maybe because I was always a bit hesitant about everything I decided to get in to. So the next time I heard another automation software or I hacked into another computer, I was looking for another excuse not to get started. And I was beginning to think that I was following this wrong path… but the truth is, I wish I had studied more and started again but what do you need four years of information when you haven’t earned one?

  1. A Plan

This was what got really confusing. I think the biggest reason was oblivious, and I’m not really bothered about it. The bad news is sometimes I think that when you were excited about something early in the process that done today… the next time it would be better. And the other reason my plan wasn’t working was getting stuck in total overload mode on the various strategies and by night, on the 20th of May, I was just driving myself crazy. But now I have been doing a bit of hard work on my business and I’ve become so far in my marketing comfort zone. Which to me, to be honest, was a good thing. You don’t get to reach a point where you think you can’t go online.

  1. Focus

Once I said to myself there was something wrong and that I needed to clarify with, and a bit more of that research, I had to get back to focusing. This was only a methodical process by the way. It wasn’t as though I was learning 200 to 500 topics at the same time. I am finding that I’m learning fast and it feels good following one plan and following it through to the end.

What I’m starting to see the dig after is that the steps I took can be achieved by learning and one by one. I’m finally seeing it and what I’m learning is what I choose to do. There is nothing stopping me, every time I finish a step I figure out where I put off the whole thing. It also means I hate pasting in its final stage of development and never realized that I needed to move forward to shortcut the process of feeding my traffic to my websites.

Back then I had looked at all the emails of both questions and it took me almost 14 hours to get my invitations to the top marketing forums I was interested in. But that’s not a big deal, is it? And these are marketing gurus who make money from the process, so. Although that happened – but now I’m on the ship I’m in and I have stopped reading and I’m making money. I don’t even have to create my own blog or website to be effective selling.

I’m really looking forward to years of patience!

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