Can I Lower My Energy Bill by Making Simple Changes?

I can’t help you with your obvious questions regarding the application of free energy to your life. But I can pre-douse them giving you the specific forms a person can take to lower your energy bill.

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Surprisingly enough, it does not require a lot of financial, technical, or technological knowledge to “go green”. Anyone who thinks that there is no money to be saved in the application of free energy or solar power is totally mistaken.

The most practical approach to take is to build a solar system by means of a low voltage direct-drive solar motor. The main difference between a solar system that you can install and a solar-powered generator is that the former is a collection of components with the object of producing low voltage AC, while the latter is a free energy source generation system.

Now, before going into the specific steps in building a solar-based electricity generation system, let me give you a basic overview of how it works.

The components needed for the project

a. First of all, a charge controller exactly like a car’s charge controller is needed to manage the battery voltage coming from the solar panels, directly into the battery.

Pricing should remain uniform. It means that the number of solar panels and the batteries should not differ in terms of their power rating.

b. Low voltage battery is needed to start the system, which is a 12-volt gel cell or Nickel – Metal Hydride.

c. A battery power meter depending on the system design, it is recommended that you use a battery power meter to measure when the batteries are fully charged, particularly if the charge controller uses 12 volts powered batteries.

d. Charge controller is the foundation of the system

e. Battery voltage is needed to fulfill your energy storage needs.

f. The battery voltage is measured by a battery voltage regulator.

g. Battery design is completely determined by the amount of energy you need to store. You have to prefer them because low voltage DC battery can be store in a battery case only, but it does not mean the application of the latest battery technology is not applicable to you.

h. Battery design is a battery containing a number of voltage circuits. Different kinds of batteries are available, with different numbers of voltage circuits.

i. One of the voltage circuits is the battery charger output voltage, which is 6V or 12V depending on the design.

j. The charge controller will have its input voltage, which is 12V DC in most cases.

k. A battery remove [connection] for the charge controller is able to disconnect electric and flow liquid.

l. The battery voltage regulator will be connected and isolated from the voltage circuit of the battery

m. The battery connector is used to connect to the wire leads on top of the batteries. The connectors should be secure and clean. Then, the wire leads after disconnect connected to the battery lead are connected to a charging device. At this time, you can put your batteries in an amazing arrangement to increase the energy storage capacity.

If you are reading this article, then you are already a great physicist or a great person interested in the theory of Advantage of Free Energy FinishEconomics. The naked truth the real techniques and theories to implement the free energy system in our household appliances and houses.

In the essence, we agree that we will only earn that money which we invest in the installation of the system, thus we will at some point be able to live off the system. enters the energy system to help you to pay the loan.

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